Friday, May 23, 2008

Running the Joder Ranch Trails

Yesterday I finally did the BTR Happy Hour Run. I've missed this run for weeks due to traveling and repeatedly bad weather on Thursdays. This week it seemed like the weather gods were up to it again. Tornadoes struck all around Boulder and we had thunderstorms and hail on an off all day. However, as the run time approached, the skies began to clear.

This week's run was a special treat. The Joder family, owners of the 300+ acre Joder Horse Ranch, opened up their property for our run.

Six of us were lead by Greg Joder, a runner and road rider, over almost 5 miles of beautiful trail, mostly singletrack. The first half of the run mostly took us up and up, where we had expansive views of Boulder and the Flatirons. While it looked like rain all around us, we stayed under the magical Boulder Bubble.

The trail took us through meadows and ponderosa forest. Wildflowers were blooming everywhere.

We climbed about 1200 feet in our 4.75 mile loop. I highly recommend you take advantage of any future invitations to run on the Joder property that Greg might announce to the BTR group.

Credit for pictures of our run go to Buzz Burrell.


greg said...

It was a great run - Thank you! Great photos too! Hopefully next week we can get another group out there!


bbrooke said...

What application are you using to put your GPS tracks on the map and photo images?