Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vail Weekend with L&C

Jesper and I just had one of the nicest weekends in a long time. Of course, we skied, which always makes for a good time. And we skied with Lynnette and Carmen (L&C), two very good friends who are some of the finest people I know. L&C are very talented mountain bikers from way back when I was a newbie on the bike. They live in Arizona and, although they are relegated more to dirt than snow, they ride the heck out of their snow boards whenever they come to visit us in the winter.

We met up with L&C last September to downhill mountain bike at Winter Park for a few days and decided that a ski trip to Vail was warranted in early 2011. We reserved a condo smackdab in Mid-Vail and made a three day skiing and riding trip out of it. L&C had never been to Vail, so Jesper and I showed them as much of the best we could in three days. We skied most of Saturday, ALL DAY Sunday and all day Monday.

Carmen and Lynnette getting ready for the first big run on Saturday

The snow was awesome, due to almost 50 inches of freshie in the week leading up to our trip. Best of all, Blue Sky basin was closed on Saturday (after five inches of snow on Friday and lots of wind on Saturday) and then opened on Sunday after 13 more inches on Saturday. Of course we were there when they opened Blue Sky to try out the foot and a half of untracked powder ! Dang it was GOOD! We focused on Pete's Bowl and skied the hell out of Lovers Leap, Hornsilver, Resolution, Big Rock Park, Grand Review, and the Star til Blue Sky closed that day, only stopping to grab a quick snack al fresco. Once Blue Sky Basin closed, we continued to ski until all the lifts on the front side closed.

Carmen riding through the trees in Sun Down Bowl

Lynnette in the VASTness of Vail

Monday was another great day. Although there was not much new snow, the temps were perfect for keeping the huge amount Vail had gotten in the past few days fresh. We showed L&C some more Bowl action - Game Creek Bowl, Sun Down Bowl, Sun Up Bowl, China Bowl, ... We finished up with tired legs and drove L&C straight to the airport in Denver.

Jesper skiing down Ptarmigan Ridge

There's plenty more of Vail left for them to sample. More bowls and much more on the front side. I think they'll be back!

Check out my pics here!