Friday, May 30, 2008

I hate summer colds! This one kept me from doing some fun things I had planned for the long Memorial Day Weekend. Namely, Dave's Death March up in Lyons. I had been looking forward to that ride for months! Oh well, there will be more rides and Dave graciously offered to give me a personal Death March tour when I'm better.

I'm not back to 100% (more like 75%), but after a week of doing nothing, I got out on my mountain bike yesterday for a ride up Heil with Jesper and my friend Art from back east who's in town visiting (there's a whole long story there).

Art on his loner bike looking happy

Jesper and I rode our full suspension geared bikes (as did Art, on a rental bike). I had only ridden the new Wild Turkey Trail on my SS, and, after being tossed about last week like a rag doll on that trail, I though the FS would be fun. And it was! My legs felt really good - they had a week off, so they should have felt good! My lungs in the other hand did not feel so good. I hacked my way up and down the trail, sounding like a smoker with emphysema.

Jesper on his new 29-er Intense Spider with Art just behind him

Nevertheless, it was good to back out on the bike!

Art on one of Wild Turkey's Banked Turns

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brg said...

glad you got back on your bike! :D