Friday, May 2, 2008

Love Notes from the Counter

Jesper and I leave little notes for each other on the kitchen counter when one of us is out. Jesper's notes are often very sweet. They make me smile and remember that I have one super boyfriend who loves me very much.

Last night, I was out training with my new adventure racing team. After a beautiful 80 degree Wednesday, the weather had gone south on Thursday. Temps dropped into the high 30s and it snowed/rained all day. Perfect weather to get out on some duckies and practice paddling! After paddling, we planned to do a night ride and a night run. Fortunately, the precip ended and the temps soared to the low 40s. Unfortunately, the wind picked up.

We paddled on Bear Creek Lake in the two-person duckies, changing seating positions a few times to find what worked best. We got a little wet and chilly, but it wasn't too bad. Then we headed over to Green Mountain for the night ride. Due to the recent precip, we opted to stay on the gravel roads, however, we still ended up with clunky mud-choked tires. We sprinted up a 2 mile climb, all the while getting buffeted by howling cold winds. Then we downhilled back to a road and sprinted back to the cars.

After a quick change into running shoes, we took off again, this time up a singletrack trail. Our shoes soon became gigantic dirt clods, which we tried in vain to scrape off on rocks while still keeping up a brisk pace. We topped out with a view of Red Rocks Amphitheater and headed down the way we came to the cars. It was a good team bonding experience to train all four of us together for the first time.

Once I stopped moving, I got COLD. I hopped in my car for the 45 minute drive back up to Boulder and cranked the heat as high as it would go. I kept it on high the entire drive home. I rushed into the house at about 10:45, way past my bedtime; cold, dirty and tired.

And there on the counter was a little note from Jesper; a note to make me feel all warm inside. He's the best!

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