Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Best Birthday EVER!

This past weekend was my birthday. I turned 46 on Saturday, February 6th. It turned out to be one of the best birthdays ever (if not THE best). Why was it the best? Here's why:

After months of searching, I found a fantastic company with the perfect job opening. I interviewed in late January and was offered and accepted the position the evening of February 5th, the eve of my birthday. In addition to really needing a job due to my consulting practice dwindling away to almost nothing, I was really excited about this particular job and would have been crushed if I did not get it. I can't imagine a better birthday present than this job!

For my birthday itself, we slept in and I went for a LONG run. Later that day, Jesper set out a beautiful bouquet of flowers and then, over the course of five hours or so while I sat at the kitchen bar and chit-chatted with him, he prepared the most fabulous four course dinner:
  • First course - crisp bread with sushi grade salmon, spring onions, creme fraiche and caviar, accompanied by an inorganic Bonny Doon Albarino! Simply delish! Sorry - no pic.
  • Second course - shrimp and sea scallops sauteed in butter, white wine and saffron, served with a creamy curry soup and accompanied by the Albarino. WOW!!

  • Third course - veal roast stuffed with sage, prosciutto and mozzarella cheese, served with tiny potatoes, tomatoes, gigantic capers, cream and butter, green garlic olive cream purée, and artichoke salad. Accompanied by a Bonny Doon Cuvee Splendide Syrah. Dang my guy can cook!

  • Fourth course - homemade lemon eclairs with coffee (decaf). The yummy conclusion to a wonderful birthday dinner.

Although the new job was a fantastic present, Jesper continued to spoil me with a book my sister told him I would love (she knows what I like in the way of reading) and a Patagonia scarf. But that was not all - new wheels for my single speed!!! Hand built NoStans rims with Hope hubs!! I had no idea!! I had been wanting new wheels - mine were rather wonked and heavy - but could not afford them on my dwindling consulting pay. These babies are beautiful and svelte! Thanks Jesper (and Dave Chase at Redstone for making them)! I can't wait to put them on the Snow Queen and go for a ride!!!

To work off the amazing dinner, we then we skied for two days. We always take our birthdays off and since mine was on a Saturday, we took off Monday. Our friend Suze joined us for Superbowl Sunday with almost no lift lines and practically empty slopes. Then Jesper and I skied just the two of us to even fewer crowds on Monday.

Jesper in the POW we managed to find (we are good at that!)

Suze skiing with great form!

The long birthday weekend ended with me tired but excited to start the new job a couple days later. I cannot imagine a better birthday!