Monday, May 19, 2008

Classic Colorado Front Range Weekend!

This past weekend was a classic Colorado Front Range weekend. Warm temps, lots of sunshine and everyone playing outside. I had been gone the past two weekends, so I was looking forward to getting out with Jesper and not going too far away. On Saturday, Jesper and I decided to ride Walker Ranch on our single speeds. Walker is a pretty burly ride on the SS. The trail is a big loop with a steep bike portage about two thirds of the way in. You cannot ride the bike portage down to the creek; it is extremely steep and difficult to walk down in bike shoes.

We like to ride out counter clockwise until we get to the bike portage, then turn around back to the trailhead. Then we head out the other direction, clockwise and do the same. This essentially gives us two laps, totaling about 14 miles of riding, with several thousand feet of climbing in that 14 miles. It was a tough ride, but we both felt like we were riding well, especially this early in the season.

Jesper is looking good - check out his pipes! I think he looks HOT!

Here's another picture of him on Walker.

On Sunday, I opted for a long road ride with my friend Sue, to be followed immediately by a run so my body can get used to transitions from bike to run. Jesper went off with a buddy, Larkin, for another mountain bike ride. Sue and I had planned to ride to the town of Raymond, which would put us on 36 for many miles. In typical Colorado Springtime fashion, it was super duper windy. Riding up 36 with the wind in our faces was BRUTAL. We decided to get off 36 and ducked into Left Hand Canyon.

OK - Plan B. Ride to Jamestown, trading miles for climbing. It was still windy in the canyon, but not as bad as it had been on 36. However, it made for a very challenging ride up to Jamestown. I was a tad tired from the previous day's SS ride and Sue was tired from her prior road ride (and too much yummy Cakebread Wine the night before!). We bagged riding all the way up to the gravel road (i.e., Super Jamestown) and instead headed back down to Boulder.

Feeling somewhat fresh after a break from riding uphill into the wind, we decided to add some more climbing and go over Lee Hill. This is a super steep climb that comes in three tiers. It forces you to stand for most of the climb. I actually felt pretty good here. Sue liked it because there was no wind. After the climb, we cruised down to the Amante coffee shop and had a cold caffeinated beverage. Then we zoomed home on Jay Road with the wind to our backs (finally!).

After a quick dash into the house to change into running clothes and grab Strelka, I met up with Sue and Aspen near her house. We did a leisurely almost-3-mile run on open space trails. Not super long, but I got to put my legs through a ride to run transition.

The day's total was almost 40 miles of riding and running combined. I was pretty wooped after all of this. However, I feel really good about my fitness level this early in the season. I'm especially happy about my road riding. I bought my new Scott bike with the hope that it would allow me to improve as a road rider, and it has. I simply love the bike, which fits me perfect, no doubt making me a more efficient rider.

Today (Monday) is a well-deserved day off.

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