Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This is my very dear friend Doug Tupps (Senior picture in 1982). I met Doug in 1978, in the 9th grade. I was 14. He looked even younger then! Doug no longer parts his hair down the middle. We met a long time ago, but Doug and I have managed to stay in touch all these years.

Doug and I, along with our friend Marita, hung out, partied, drank beer and did all other manner of juvenile things through High School. Despite being distracted by things our parents wouldn't have approved of, we all three got excellent grades. We also watched a lot of Monty Python and called each other BRUCE.

I also have known Doug's wife Michelle from High School. Doug, Michelle, Marita, and my sister Chris are really the only people from High School I stay in touch with. After college, we all hung out together drinking beer and eating chicken wings, doing more things our parents would have disapproved of, until we started dispersing across the country.

Doug and Michelle now live in Florida and I live in Colorado. But we still get together every year or so, usually to ski. Obviously, they come here for that! They were just here and I got to ski with them several days. They do a great job on the slopes, especially when you consider that they only get out one time each year.

I haven't visited them in many years, but I am planning to head down to Florida for my college homecoming this fall. Doug is going to teach me how to surf. It will be my turn to be out of my element.

I'm looking forward to it BRUCE!

more pics from their trip here: http://picasaweb.google.com/COIttyBittyBetty/BruceComesToCO

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Rick said...

Alright you two.....I'll (and Anna) will come out there....I've got 22.5 days of vacation coming to me this year!
btw, a mini cooper clubman may be in my/anna's future.