Monday, February 11, 2008

Busy Boulder Weekend!

Jesper and I had a very busy weekend. This trend will continue for the rest of the month. For some odd reason, February is always jam packed with tons of things to do. First off comes my birthday, which I posted about before (OK - Jesper posted and I linked). Later this month we have two different groups of friends coming out to visit and ski. And then there was this past weekend. It started out with the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance (BMA) Banquet. Actually, before that, Thursday was filled with a meeting in Denver for me (I luckily made it past the I-25 sinkhole about 30 minutes before it happened!) , the Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Annual Open House (at which I submitted some written comments) and the the BTR Mountain Running "seminar". Once again, the BTR runners who spoke gave great tips. Anna Pichrtova was especially wonderful; her enthusiasm is huge and contagious. She made me want to get out and RUN!

So, back to Friday. Before the BMA Banquet, a friend who just moved to Colorado from Ontario, Canada came over to our house. I met Tina Lewis at the Raid the North Extreme race this past summer. I distinctly remember meeting her on the side of a mountain as her team was awaiting an airlift for an injured team mate. Tina was not happy to have a team mate quitting on day one but she and the rest of her team finished the 6-day race. Anyway, Tina and I had been emailing and phone calling back and forth this summer and fall while she considered, and then decided to move to the Front Range. In the month she's been here, we had not yet gotten together. Our plan was to go for a run together on Friday, watch the RTNX DVD she got from her Canuck friends and then get ready for the Banquet, which Tina was attending as well. I had not seen the DVD, since the show was only aired in Canada (coming soon to the US!). Watching that show brought back memories and made me want to race again.

The banquet was very nice. It's not often that I get a chance to get dressed up here in Boulder, so I was excited to put on a little black dress. Jesper looked very smart in his tux. Don't we look glam?!?! It was nice to see friends who are usually dressed in helmets and riding gear all gussied up. Boulder's mountain bikers clean up nice! We don't need any bike stuff, so Jesper and I didn't bid on any of the auctioned items, but there were some good deals. The food was yummy, as the affair was held at the Julien, which has a very good chef who happens to be a mountain biker too!

More pics:

Due to the late night out at the banquet, we opted to sleep in on Saturday. Jesper and I took Strelka for a run up near Chautauqua. The temps were in the mid-50's and it was sunny. We ran up Gregory Canyon up to Rangeview and then back down Flagstaff and Crown Rock. It was mostly dry with some patches of snow and ice. It was about an hour run, the longest Jesper has done in awhile. He's working on getting his miles up too! Strelka is getting better at these longer runs. I'll be increasing her mileage as well. I came away from the run knowing that I need to get out of the flats in Gunbarrel once a week or so and do more steep mountain running. It'll help my running and it's so pretty that it doesn't seem like a workout.

After staying up late on Friday and running in the afternoon on Saturday, I was wonked Saturday night and went to bed at 8:30 pm so I would be fresh for the next busy day. Jesper and I woke up at 5:45 am on Sunday to go skiing at WinterPark/Mary Jane. Our early start got us on the runs at Mary Jane around 9:00 am. In the morning, my legs felt heavy from the previous day's run (see, I need to run hills more), but they got springy again for the afternoon. We finally made it up to the top of the Parsenn Bowl to try out some of the new terrain accessed by the new Panaramic 6-Pack. We also headed over to the Eagle Wind lift area and did some nice runs over there. The last time we skied over there, I thought the runs were steep. Funny, they didn't seem so steep anymore... I guess I'm getting more comfortable with steeper terrain! The snow, although skied out, was still nice and the day was sunny and warm compared to the sub-zero temps we saw most of January.

Jesper and I finished up early at 1:30 pm so we could get back to Boulder in time to eat and shower before the evening's plans; an E-Town show with Big Head Todd and the Monsters and Kathleen Edwards. We've both been BHTM fans since way before we moved to Boulder. We got turned onto Kathleen Edwards at a previous E-Town show and really like her voice and lyrics. The show lived up to our expectations. Todd Park Mohr was fantastic! His voice is so unique and powerful and he can sure rock that guitar! He was also super interesting and articulate in the interview.

WOW - Banquet, Run, Ski, Concert. What a busy weekend. I slept well last night.


shortround said...

This is random, but are you the one that posted a comment on the Transition Bikes blog about the Syren? If so, the other bike I tried was the Knolly Delerium T. I like Knolly bikes and didn't want to say anything negative about them on Transition's site. I hope I didn't come off as being jerkish.

Itty Bitty Betty said...

Yup - that's me! You did not come off as jerkish. I'm not quite ready to buy yet, so I'll keep asking around about both the Transition and the Knolly.

shortround said...

My husband is friends with the owner of Knolly bikes, so I had the chance to take his wife's Delerium T out for a day at Mt. Seymour in BC. It was truely the smoothest bike I've ever ridden. The suspension design is amazingly plush and the bearings are seamingly indestructable. It would have been my bike of choice, but the standover height wasn't nearly as good as the Syren. You look like you're pretty small like me and when you're learning to ride technical stuff, adequate standover height is a must. If you are any taller than me, I would consider the Knolly, but if you're not, the Syren is pretty much perfect. From your pictures it looks like your pictures, it looks like you're stepping up your technical riding. Time for a squishy bike :) and shin pads!

Cool Tool said...

why don't you use Intense Debate comment system?Now it's working fine!