Monday, March 24, 2008

New Mountain

This past Easter weekend, Jesper and I headed up to Jackson Hole for some Wyoming skiing. It was probably the last big ski weekend for us this wonderful 07/08 season. We couldn't have ended on a better note.

We awoke Friday morning to what looked to me like
no new snow down in the Village, but Elliot (our host) informed me that loads of snow had fallen on the mountain. It was a POWDER DAY!!! Elliot succumbed to pressure and joined Jesper and me on tele skis. At the end of the day, he proclaimed it to have been his best day ever on tele skis! I can barely find words to describe how good it was. In fact, I was almost speechless the entire day while we skied. I am rarely speechless. All I could do was mumble over and over again, "this is the most snow I've ever skied in". And it was. Jackson had seen about 40 inches of new snow the several days prior to our arrival and Thursday night's snowfall put them close to the 60 inch mark for the week. Elliot lead us all over the mountain to one fresh powder slope after another. Down in the tele-stance, the fluffy snow came up over my waist, caressing my thighs and hitting me in the face. We bombed down steep slopes and through tree glades with ease, our speed moderated by more than a foot of powder. I'm still not completely sure where we went, since it was a complete whiteout the entire day. We skied a long day of many hard runs, but took almost no pictures; we were having too much fun to stop and get the cameras out (plus it was cold and windy).

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny. It wouldn't be a powder day, but it would be a blue bird day. I was excited that I'd be able to see the spectacular views Jackson Hole boasts. I also might be able to figure out where I was on the mountain!
Elliot said it was the clearest day he had ever seen at Jackson Hole. Jesper and I, joined by Elliot once again on his tele skis, decided to start the day out by booting up to the Headwall. This area had been closed the previous day, so none of the powder had been disturbed. We opted for the shorter, but steeper route up just above the gondola. Once up on the headwall, we hiked out to find some freshies. And we certainly found freshies. The run was worth the price of the lift ticket alone. The snow was flying up over my head, getting my face wet. My skis just floated on nothingness. It was spectacular! This time we got the cameras out. Here's a link to Jesper's write-up and excellent shots (a few of them mine):

The final day, Sunday, Jesper and I skied alone half a day. It was another blue bird day, but we didn't stop to take pictures. After about 4 hours on the slopes, it was time to head back down to Boulder. Our legs were pretty worn out anyway. Nine hours later, we were back in Boulder, happy to have gone but also happy to be home.

Jackson Hole, we will be back!

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