Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Friend Sue

I have a friend, Sue, who lives in our neighborhood. Jesper and I met her and her husband, Mike, at Copper skiing one day. In the line for the Storm King lift. Kinda funny to meet all the way up in the mountains when we live literally around the corner from each other. We ski with Sue and Mike a lot and hope to be able to join them up in Silverthorne one of these days with a ski condo of our own.

Sue is an awesome skier (and generally a fantastic athlete). She alpine and tele skis. In the year-plus I've known her, neither Jesper nor I have managed to get any nice pictures of her skiing. Today, I have fixed that problem (or at least I've tried).

She was alpine skiing today. I'll try to get some pictures of her soon tele skiing.

Doesn't she look good?


j (Free) said...

Aha! Who's laughing now, Mr. Blogger Dashboard Log In Screen!

Works every time if I log in first and then go to your blog...

Glad to see you had a splendid birthday, Jen. (I've decided to let you keep Jesper, btw. Great Dane, indeed...)

You've had snow. Vince has had snow. I haven't had any to speak of since December. Just cold.

j (Free)

JimmyNick said...

If I'd known you were such a psycho when you were at Ohio EPA, I would've worked a feature story on you into all those boring-ass Plain Dealer stories about brownfields. Pretty funny to stumble across your blog and figure out who you are.
Question is, can you figure out who I am?

Itty Bitty Betty said...


Jim Nichols. It's a small world. Glad you think I'm a psycho - I hide it well in my professional persona.

JimmyNick said...

You cheated and had Rick clue you in on my mystery identity.
Seems you're having enough fun to understand that "psycho" is a compliment.
I'm still at the PD, but stopped covering environment back in or around '99. Guess that means the last time I saw you was a year or two earlier. Since then, several different jobs, a couple kids, some cleaner living and the discovery of the joys of cycling. And the pains. With those, you seem very well acquainted.
Hope life keeps you smiling. And happy b-day, belatedly.