Friday, January 16, 2009

Meet Flat Ben!

This is my youngest nephew Ben. He's 8, almost 9. Isn't he adorable?

Ben lives in Ohio. He sent me this letter the other day:

So, without further ado, I introduce Flat Ben!

I am super excited that Ben chose me, of all people, to take Flat Ben around and show him a good time! This little dude is going to have a fantastic few weeks! First, I think I need to clothe Flat Ben in some waterproof gear so he doesn't get all wet and mushy. I thought I'd just put him in a zip loc bag, but he looked like he was stuffed in, well, a zip loc bag. Plus, he didn't fit. Not such a good look for a guy who's going to be a super model in Colorado.

So I made Flat Ben a custom waterproof uni-suit! He's a bit shiny and crinkly, but now he's set for some adventures!

First up, a run against the backdrop of the Continental Divide. Flat Ben and I grabbed the dog and drove up Flagstaff Road all the way to the start of the Tenderfoot Trail.

There, we ran along sweet singletrack trail through patches of snow as the sun set beyond the mountains.

I think Flat Ben had a pretty good start to his visit. I can't wait to see what adventures tomorrow brings him!

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