Sunday, November 23, 2008

Picture Rock in Late November

Indian Summer. It keeps lingering, casting it's warm golden rays down on us. I'm OK not having snow yet, if this is what I get in return.

Today I went on a mountain bike ride with Mike and Sue and their friend Kathy (Jesper stayed at home and worked on the hot tub all day with our friend Larkin). We rode the Picture Rock Trail, the newest addition to the Heil Ranch Boulder County system of trails. It's a great single speed ride, going gradually up for over 5 miles before it hooks up with the Wild Turkey Trail up at the top of Heil. We started out in warm sunshine, but finished with the setting sun and strong winds, making for a chilly descent.

Sue looking like a Ninja

Mike looking all serious and shit

Kathy cranking through rock-O-rama

It was a good ride. Click here for more pics.

(BTW - I AM getting ready for some snow here soon)

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