Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today, Jesper and I did some 'splorin' up behind Jamestown on our mountain bikes. Since I'm going to be sitting on an airplane for a good part of tomorrow (headed to Toledo for BIZ), we thought it'd be good to get me really tired. Mission Accomplished!


I can't say exactly what trails we rode (or I'd have to kill you), but we put in 5:30 and according to my GPS, only about 1:30 was stopped time. Well, 1:30 stopped for me at least; more stopped time for Jesper, who is riding super strong on his Spider 29-er! Most of my stopped time was for picture tacking, lunch (with incredible views!!!!), and a wee bit of route finding.

Lunch View!

Oh - we also stopped at the Gold Lake Spa near the end to bum some more water off them, since we were almost out. It was hot and dry, so we were sucking down the H2O from the start.

We climbed a lot, especially at the start. That is a guaranteed way to jack up my heart rate!

Elevation and Heart Rate (HR Super high in the beginning!!!)

After the first major climb, we hit some super fun trail with awesome views.

Jesper on the Sweet Single Track

We climbed again. This time is didn't seem so hard since I was warmed up. We we bombed down this meadow with skinny single track. We hit a "road" that was so grown over it had converted back to single track. We hit a dowhill single track trail that I had ridden in September with my friend Kathleen from Arizona. This time, since we were riding in daylight, I smoked it! Super Duper fun (fast Tuesday night girlies, you will LOVE this trail!!!!). Then we bombed down the trail we originally rode up back to the car. Fun Fun Fun!

There's more trail out there for us to sample, as well as making a HUGE ride by crossing over Peak to Peak Highway to add in a bunch of stuff around northern Sourdough.

We'll be back!!

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