Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In Between Races

The Firecracker is over. My next race, a 24 hour adventure race, isn't until July 25th-26th. In the interim, I guess I'm "training." Or, at least I'm playing with a goal in mind. Those goals are:
  1. Improve my running
  2. Train at higher altitudes
  3. Practice In Line Skating
  4. Stretch more to avoid injury
Here's my summary, not in order of my goals:

Yes, I said In Line Skating. That sounds much cooler than "Roller Blading." My next race has an In Line Skating section of all crazy things, probably on the bike path from Frisco to Breck. I'm guessing most adventure racers don't get out on their In Line Skates very much, if they even have a pair. I imagine the race director is chuckling right now as he thinks about all these elite athletes floundering about during the race, completely out of their element. I bought a pair of skates (I confess I did own a pair 20 years ago) a couple weeks ago and have been out twice so far to practice. I looked and felt like a complete dork the first time out, but saw significant improvements the second time around. I'm sure I still looked like a dork, but maybe not as big a dork. Dire Straights Roller Girl hummed through my head; I may have to learn all the lyrics so I can sing it out loud during the race. Anyway, I plan to get out a couple more times before the race to refine my skilz. My goal is to hang with my team and not kill myself. Actually, in my dreams, Team Git Some passes the professional adventure racers, who are totally inept at this discipline.

I've been running a lot. I'm not a bad runner, but I could be faster to allow my team to maintain a more aggressive pace in races. This is where the other teams often have the advantage over us. It's been really hot, so it's been hard to get quality runs in. Thus, I've combined this goal with the goal of training at altitude by running up near Brainard Lakes (10,000 feet and up). It's kinda pretty up there!

I've also done some brick days with running and biking (mostly 'cause I just enjoy biking). I must admit yesterday's running/mountain biking brick at Marshall Mesa (not a high altitude day by any means) cooked me. My legs felt heavy and I was just tired. Probably a combination of all the "training" and the 90+ degree heat. Almost time to taper. Hopefully, all this running effort helps in the upcoming race.

As I mentioned, I've gotten up to higher altitudes to train. In addition to hitting the Brainard Lake area, I have been mountain biking up on the Colorado Trail near Copper.

The views didn't suck up there either!

Tonight I'm getting up to Ned for the Tuesday Night Gurlz Ride. It's around 8,000 to 9,000 feet, so I consider that high altitude training. Saturday, Jesper and I are riding up high near Jamestown. Don't worry, I'll get some more running in there too.

Finally, I've reincorporated yoga into my life. I'm doing 30-40 minutes almost daily. It's helping me feel better and loosening up my tight IT band and piriformis muscles. I'm no spring chicken, so I really need to be diligent about stretching, especially with all this "training." Plus, yoga calms me down.

Hopefully, with all this prep, I'll get to the starting line rested and ready to race hard. I'm looking forward to it!

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