Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dream of the Evil Castle

I remember my dreams almost every night. They are vivid, in color and permeated with a palpable emotion. In my day life, I am a happy, well-adjusted person, or so I tend to think. I have never had anything really bad happen to me. No whacko's have chased me and tried to kill me. I don't feel a sense of evil in the world during my waking hours.

Not so in my dream life! My dreams could star Laura Croft. They are action-packed and usually involve me, along with various people in my life, trying to escape some evil force. I'm not afraid of the evil force in my dreams, I'm just trying to get away from it.

Last night's dream starred me, my BF Jesper and some other guy, a friend of Jesper's, who's identity I can not be cure of now that I'm awake. Jesper's parents turned up at the end, their first starring role in one of my dreams. We were in Europe, Germany I think, but the place gave the vibe like old Transylvania from a Dracula movie. The three of us were touring this old castle that had been the scene many years ago of massacre and torture. Jesper and his buddy thought it was benign, but I knew the evil thing still lurked there. I could see the evil, but whenever I showed something evil to my companions, the thing I saw would stop. At one point I saw a stone snake at the base of a large metal door move and hiss at me. I knew it was hissing an evil message that conveyed "I'm going to kill you", but when I showed it to Jesper, it was just an immobile stone snake again. Later in the dream, we were crossing an old culvert in the castle that was painted in blood with names of people killed. I knew it was blood and I knew what the names meant, but Jesper thought it was red paint and just graffiti. I wanted to get away from the culvert, because I knew it would kill us (and I suppose add our names to the graffiti).

We finally left the evil castle, which made me very happy (a happiness I can almost feel when I think about it), and we hiked over to a place Jesper's parents were staying. The place felt safe. It was sunny and warm. We took our clothes off and sunbathed in the nude, and the dream ended. I was left with an intense feeling of the dread at the castle contrasted with the complete security of the nude sunbathing place.

Now that I have written this down, I can guarantee I will not forget this dream. If I make an effort to recall a dream, it will stick with me. I still remember some dreams from when I was a little girl. Sometimes, the "memory" of a dream is so vivid, I will confuse it for a moment with a real memory; just long enough until I realize that I was never in Dracula's castle while in Europe. Despite any confusion I might have with reality vs. dreams, I think I'm lucky to remember them and I feel kinda sad for people who don't remember their dreams.

Sorry, no pictures, but maybe I need to make a drawing or a painting one of these days of a scene from my dreams. Stay tuned for more action from inside my head!


JenyJo said...

ha! nice dream, itsy!

again -- like you, i have a rich, vivid, and totally memorable dream life....

ODDLY enough -- i was recently thinking of posting some of my dreams on the blog (good job on having the guts to do so ;-))...

one of the dreams that inspired me to think about posting my dreams was a dream i had about you and Lynda on the KTR:

.... we were all in the middle of the race. lynda and i were running the first half, and riding the 2nd half (don't ask why). Lynda and i had managed to just "stop in" at her house and pick up her mail along the way. on our way back out to the trail, we ran into you, and you were carrying a bag from work (you worked for a company in the dream)... you were telling us how this bag was so helpful for this that and the other thing....

the funny thing was that the 3 of us were so far out front we never bothered to really check into how we were doing time wise ;-) we just sort of naturally sat down in the desert and started having these really funny conversations, and reading mail.


let's go skiing.


Itty Bitty Betty said...


I'm glad to have starred in one of your dreams. What a HOOT! Isn't it great to be able to remember your dreams?

Yeah, let's ski (after I get over this nasty cold I've developed!)!