Friday, May 11, 2012

"Training" Update

My "training" is going well this year.  As I mentioned in my last post, which sadly was months ago, I'm applying a flexible approach to preparing for my two Xterra races this summer.  Since I am racing in multi-sport events, I need to work out in all three race disciplines - swim, bike, run.  

Now to some people, that might sound like MORE effort than preparing to race in a single discipline race.  And maybe it is; but it is also more diverse and thus, to me, MORE fun!

The last two summers I did some big running events that had me focusing my work outs on one thing - running.  I LOVE running, but I also LOVE other things like swimming and biking.  Running almost exclusively for weeks on end got a little boring.  The best part about all the running was training last year with Jesper, but that wasn't the same as RIDING with him, which is more socially interactive. But I missed road and mountain biking with Jesper.  I missed the Thursday Night Gurlz Ride mountain bike group.  I missed the Redstone Tuesday Night mountain bike group.  I missed my swim classes.

Jesper is not planning to do any races this year.  I want to make sure my training includes getting out to have fun with him.  He's not running much now, so that means mountain biking and road riding with him and being available to do home improvement projects together on the weekends (yes - I think home improvement projects together are fun).  So, I run in the mornings with the dog before Jesper gets up. I swim over my lunch break during the week.  I ride my road bike to and from work once day a week. 

I'm leaving weekends and some after work days open for quality time with my honey.

 Quality Time in the Mountains with my Honey (photo cred. Jesper Kristensen)


BikepathCountry said...
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Dale T said...

Hi Jenny,

I saw on my calendar that your dad's anniversary was coming up and I did a Google nostalgia search and ran across this.

Congrats on your Tri. I suspect that somewhere Vic was dressed in his shorts and ridiculous but fashionable sweatshirt cheering you on.

It took me a couple of years to get a new sponsor. He's nowhere near as cool, but he's sober and I'm sober and that's what counts. I wake up every morning grateful for that gift and your dad was a huge part of it.

Best to you and Jespar. Stay safe and on the correct side of the handle bars.

Dale T. Wash CH OH