Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I am such a DORK!

It is BEAUTIFUL today. Deep blue skies. Brilliant sun. Little fluffy clouds (just a few). Almost 80 degrees. BEAUTIFUL.

I had to get out for a road ride! So, I wrapped up work early and took off a little before 3:00. I planned to ride up to Old Stage via Niwot Road and head back home via Jay Road. A nice little 25 mile loop with 2100 feet of climbing.

It was so pretty, I brought my camera along. Here's my happy bike, ready and rearing to climb up Old Stage.

So, I take the picture and I say hi to some other riders who ask if I'm OK.

"Yeah - just taking a picture!"

Then I go to get on my bike and my front tire whooshes out from under me! Seems I placed it over a massive ant hole. Soft, unconsolidated sand. I went down HARD!

"Are you SURE you're OK?"

"Yeah - just completely embarrassed!"

(I still enjoyed the climb)


Rick said...

I know the feeling.....

redstone said...

I do stuff like that all the time. Don't feel bad. :)

Kim said...

Nice Jen! And you had an audience :)