Monday, April 13, 2009

Getting back to my new "normal"

My life has been a bit out of whack lately, the result being sparse blog posts.

My father died last month and between the visits home for the funeral and to help get his house in shape to put on the market, I have been gone a lot.

I miss my Dad very much. His death has brought my Mom's 1995 death back up to the surface. Lots of raw emotions. I am fortunate to have four wonderful siblings, two brothers and two sisters, I am tight with. We are helping each other get through this together. And then of course I have Jesper, who has been wonderful.

Things will go up and down as I continue to grieve, however, I am ready to get back to my new "normal". My father loved my blog posts, so I hope my enthusiasm to write them is renewed. Stay tuned.


Carey said...

Life has a way of keepin' it real..I'm sorry for your loss, stay strong.

Elizabeth said...

My mom in particular really enjoys my blog, as well. It's a good reminder to keep mine updated. Take care, and I will make a Thursday ride soon!