Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flat Ben Junior Skis at Winter Park/Mary Jane

Jesper and I rented a funky little condo in Winter Park so we could ski for 3 days over my birthday weekend. Of course, we brought FBJ along! He liked the stuffed moose hung on the condo wall.

Flat Ben Junior hanging out with the stuffed moose

FBJ having fun with ski bunnies Suze, Jen and Mary Lou (photo credit Patrick Bragg)

Winter Park is home to a fantastic ski resort that merged two ski areas into one; Winter Park on the right and and Mary Jane on the left. The highest point, the top of the Parsenn Bowl is 12,060 feet in elevation - that's pretty high!

Map of Winter Park/Mary Jane showing the Ski Runs

Mary Jane is known as the wilder side, which obviously means it Jesper's and my favorite. FBJ liked it too. It's Extremely Colorado!

Me and FBJ at the sign to Mary Jane (photo credit Jesper Kristensen)

It was very windy when we skied, so I kept FBJ in my pack; I didn't want him to perish on a mountain top like the first Flat Ben!

FBJ was tucked safely in my pack while I skied (photo credit Megan Ryan)

Down at the base, the wind was calm, so I took FBJ out to visit with friends who were skiing with us.

FBJ with me and Kim at the Winter Park base (photo credit Jesper Kristensen)

FBJ enjoyed coming out with us for dinner.

Me and FBJ at dinner after a hard day of skiing (photo credit Jesper Kristensen)

After 3 days of skiing, FBJ needed to stretch his sore muscles, so he went to yoga class with me and Jesper.

FBJ doing a head stand while Breanna, the instructor, does a handstand

What adventures will Flat Ben Junior encounter next?

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