Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Slacking on the Posts

I've been slacking on the blog posts. I know it. I've simply been busy and have been traveling a lot. This summer, I took on a new job. I am now working part time for a large engineering firm - Tetra Tech. The part time part is approaching full time, but that's OK. I also kept my consulting clients, so I'm pretty busy. However, I'm bringing in more money and that means Jesper and I are getting that much closer to buying a condo in the mountains.

For my Tetra Tech gig, I work from home, which is super nice. However, I have to travel, frequently, mostly back east where my current projects are. The nice part about traveling back to Ohio is that I can sometimes squeeze in a visit with my family, most of whom still live in the Columbus area. I got to see my sisters and Dad the day before his 76th birthday. Very nice. I also got to go to Chicago last week and was able to visit my brother and his family, who live in a northern suburb. Seeing my 15 year old nephew play high school football was a highlight of the trip, even though they got spanked. Extra family time is good.

But, all this traveling and extra work is keeping me from blogging as frequently as I had been. I'm heading off tomorrow for my college Homecoming and 50th anniversary celebration. I hope to have time to download some pictures of me getting silly with friends I haven't seen in two decades and write a blog post or two.

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