Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Time in Colorado (or trying to do it all)

It's spring time in Colorado, which means that you can do both winter sports and summer sports, sometimes both in one day. It's exhausting! I've been doing my best to do it all and I'm pretty pooped as a result.

First, if you read my last post, you know that Jesper and I completed a winter ascent of 'Atlantic Peak' last weekend. After that, I must admit, I rested a bit. Then, on Tuesday night, I hopped on my Single Speed for a Gurlz Ride on the Poorman Loop. It's not a technical ride by any means, including gravel trail and even some road, but the last push up to the top before heading down Sunshine Canyon is steep (especially on the SS). Between the cold descent and the climbing, I felt pretty worked over afterwards. So, I rode again the next day, this time an easy Marshall Mesa ride with the Title 9 girls. On Thursday, I took a break from the bike and went for a run with Strelka. Just a few miles. Then on Friday I was back on the SS, this time to ride the Doudy Draw trails with Kristin (aka Catzilla). We brought Strelka and Boodro, her hound doggie mix, along for the fun. Dogs love mountain biking! My tush is getting used to it again too.

Since the resorts are still open, we skied on Saturday, or at least kinda skied. We headed up to Loveland hoping for soft spring skiing conditions that we did not get. Then Jesper didn't feel well, so we headed back down to Boulder at noon-ish after only a couple hours of skiing. I could have stayed and skied alone, but as I said, the conditions were not good and I quickly determined that I could get a nice trail run in with Strelka if we hustled back down I-70. So I guess I ended up skiing and running on Saturday, getting the pupper out for a nice Mount Sanitas run.

On Sunday, I got out for what I consider the first BIG mountain bike ride of the season. I had so much fun, it reminded me immediately that mountain biking is my all-time favorite thing to do.

Jesper and I rode the trails up at Devil's Backbone with our very good friend Cynthia. We all rode our Single Speeds and we all rode fast (or at least Cynthia and I rode fast trying to keep up with Jesper). Cynthia and I are both working on getting really lean, and I can tell you it showed in Cynthia's riding. She was hard on my @$$ the entire ride, making me ride harder than I would have. Thanks Cynthia!!! I personally feel that I'm lighter in the climbs and I'm pretty pleased with that.

The Backbone boasts rocky technical parts and smooth flowy sections, the variety making it a lot of fun. Over the 20-ish miles we rode, we climbed about 3000 feet. Considering how early in the season it was, I felt like we all were riding very well.

Hard to believe we were skiing the previous day! Oh yeah - and running in shorts!

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