Friday, October 12, 2007

My father just turned 75. My siblings and I surprised him with a birthday party. Well..., he knew he was going out to dinner with my two sisters who still live near him in Westerville, Ohio. What he didn't know was that my two brothers, one who lives near Chicago and the other who lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, and I were joining him for dinner. And most of the grandchildren. With four siblings, most of whom have procreated, I have a big family.

It was a lot of work coordinating all five of us Kwasniewski kids' schedules. My brothers drove 100's of miles basically to have dinner and then leave the next morning. They were tired when they arrived in Westerville and I am sure they were extremely tired when they got back to their respective homes. I hope they realize that having us all there for this party will be looked on one day as very important. Our mother died 12 years ago so we are aware that some day (hopefully many years from now), our father too will pass away.

Papa was suprised!
The grandchildren were cute!

My dad was moved by having his children sing Happy Birthday in Polish.

Although it was a whirlwind weekend, it was worth it and will provide many wonderful memories some day long off in the future.

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