Friday, September 21, 2007

Healing Nicely

The Ghastly wound is healing nicely. The outer stitches will be removed on Monday. I tore the underlying muscle below the laceration about four inches down the leg and clearly ripped the nerves in the process, because the whole front part of my shin below the gash is numb. Sorry, no pics of the torn underlying muscle, which looked pretty gruesome, but I do have a whole slew of photos, mostly take by Kathleen at the ER. Check it out here to see how much fun I was having up to the fall and the really cool pics of the wound. The ER Doc, a mountain biker himself, was super cool about letting Kathleen snap away (with my camera and my permission).

The location of the gash below the knee is fortunate in that the area does not articulate. I plan to test it out on the road bike tomorrow for an easy ride. Good thing, 'cause I'm getting antsy with all this sitting around.

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Melis said...

wow girl, sorry to see such a messy sight. Best of luck getting back up to speed.