Friday, August 24, 2007

No More Traveling!

I'm back from two weeks in Europe. Please don't think I'm ungrateful for having the opportunity to take such a trip. I had a grand time visiting my old home in Murnau, Germany; seeing a Mozart/Strauss concert in Vienna, Austria in the small hall both composers created the music to be played in; hitting the beaches and casinos on the French Riviera; and most of all visiting with Jesper's family in Denmark.

But I've been traveling a lot this summer; ten days in British Columbia to race, six days in Michigan to visit my family and finally 13 days in Europe. That's almost an entire month away from home!! I had fun in all those places, but there's nothing quite like being home. And I live in a pretty nice place to call home. I'm thrilled to be back to sunny skies, trail runs and long road rides. I've enjoyed getting back on my mountain bike. I'm especially happy to be back with my dogs (the cat's OK too); I missed them and they missed me.

No more long trips until Christmas. Until then, it'll just be weekend trips away and some of them with the dogs. Gosh - I never thought of myself as a homebody, but I suppose I am one.

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